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About Me


I graduated from Paul Mitchell The School, On May 20th 2005.


I am beyond fortunate to say that I LOVE my career, and I make it a point to make sure that feeling lasts everyday.  I Adore each and everyone of my clients.  I wouldn't be where I am today without them.


I enjoy reading Ingredient labels and researching to fully understand what I am using on my clients and what I am working with day after day.  I want to ensure my guests health as well as my own. 


I have  OCD when it comes to my work and it needs to be perfect.  I truly believe that a client is a walking and talking advertisement.   I continue my education throughout the year, every year. 


 I love when clients bring in photos for a "look goal" so I understand completely what they want.

 I always give my honest & blunt opinion during a consultation, and never begin a service until we are both on the same page.

I want clients to love, not like their hair. I want clients to be fully comfortable and at ease while in my chair. I also want each client to know how to style their own hair, so they look as though they just left the salon everyday.  For this I know it can sound easier said than done, so I offer a private one on one styling class, as well as Fun styling parties on and off site.

I have worked with and have been trained by some of the most amazing and talented platform artists and educators in the world. I am certified in more then 10 color lines, 4 Beaded hair extensions methods, 2 tape in hair extensions methods, along with 100's of Product and cosmetic lines. 


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