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Salon Policies



 Please be respectful of my time and my other guests. When you are tardy it starts a chain reaction to my entire day resulting in making other clients waiting on me to finish prior services. 

When you cancel or reschedule in a short amount of time I am unable to create revenue for my business, I am away from my family and it takes the opportunity for other guests on my waiting list to fill that spot in a last minute situation. 

I understand that things happen from time to time.  I have been lenient for years, and am unable to continue to do so any longer.   

Thank you for your understanding


After 15 mins (with no communication ) you will be considered a no show, resulting in being charged for booked services in full. You will also be asked to reschedule.  

If you are less then 15 mins late you may be asked to forgo portions of your services booked without price difference.  

Please communicate with me as soon as you know that you will be tardy so I can let you know if and w hat I can do. 




No Shows

 No shows will be subject to be charged in full for the booked services missed. You will be asked to book 

future appointments with a credit card. 




Cancellations or reschedules  

I require a 48 hr notice of change to your scheduled

appointment.  If cancellation- reschedule occurs under the 48hr period a $30 charge will be charged upon your next scheduled visit.   If you cancel or reschedule at or under 24hrs you will be charged $50 upon your next visit.  




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