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Haven of Bliss

Dishwater blonde, mousy brown, not quite blonde or brunette … As a teenager I was very unhappy with my natural hair color. When I finally discovered the joy of coloring it still took awhile to feel great about the way it looked. There were good experiences, and not so good experiences. But the worst part of all was the process! I know going to the salon is supposed to be a treat, relaxing, and rejuvenating. Well, most of my life I’ve been a student of natural health and beauty. As we all know, the process of coloring your hair is … well TOXIC! Even the best salons smell and feel like a toxic wasteland. While I had no trouble sitting, surrounded by a bunch of strangers, with shiny foils sticking out all over my head, I was ashamed that I regularly threw away my good sense and intentionally poisoned myself, all for the name of beauty. Fast forward a few years, to a discovery I made that has literally transformed this dreaded process into a much anticipated one. There is a corner of the world, very exotic and tucked away, that a growing number of men and women have discovered. I was blessed to find this place and since that time I’ve been in a quandary. To tell, or not to tell. Well, my conscience and love of spreading great news won out. Hair Canvas Studio, and the artist who created this haven of bliss, Amanda Mann, are located in the heart of Lake Mary. While the “outer sanctum” is a lovely establishment housing a variety of beauty experts, the “inner sanctum” is unlike any salon I’ve ever experienced. Prompt and attentive, Amanda welcomed me into a lovely full service, private salon. A variety of beverages are available and immediately a client, new or returning, feels at home. The décor is beautifully creative and the atmosphere relaxing. The first time Amanda did my hair, she really listened. I loved the finished look and, unlike most experiences, I didn’t run home to re-style before my husband saw me. But the best part of all … was what was missing! No chemical smell, and no other stylists or clients in her private space. It’s what I love best, and the reason I go back time and time again. Amanda is as committed to natural health and beauty as I am. The products she uses on my hair are Organic, free of Sulfites and Parabens and they work!! Until now, I didn’t believe natural products could have the same results, especially when it comes to color. I was wrong! Amanda is an artist and a genuinely beautiful person. I am blessed, and thankful, to have found her. Now, my salon experience is everything it’s supposed to be, and so much more!


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